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About Stay Inn Hospitality

We are extremely passionate and deliver a quick professional turn-around with any of our assets. We practice "hands-on hospitality," preserving a cherished knowledge of each property. With our extensive experience and many years in the hospitality industry, we are consistently striving to improve our services and work to exceed our clients’ expectations every time.

Who We Are

Since 1986 and over the course of our successful hospitality journey, we have built our company with three key business metrics and core values which we live by with integrity.

Our Employees Are Key to Our Success Our Employees Are Key to Our Success

Our Employees Are Key to Our Success

We have valued and completely refined our hiring process to work with creative, thoughtful, friendly and extraordinary people with no limits regarding diversity.

Each Property We Work With Represents our Core Business Model

In order to have a consistent successful business, there must be a superior business model. This is achievable through complete hotel operations and financial management, as well as strategic sales and marketing action plans. Stay Inn Hospitality has developed and implemented a consistent business model and “process” for all departments to follow that is second to none.

We Strive to Always Exceed Our Clients’ Expectations We Strive to Always Exceed Our Clients’ Expectations

We Strive to Always Exceed Our Clients’ Expectations

Our end result is graded on our products, foundation, cleanliness and service. In today’s worldwide business or social travelers, they expect any hotel to have a beautiful and well-appointed product. We mirror these client expectations by making sure all our portfolios are up-to-date and focus on each market’s needs and expectations.

Our Services

Our company’s sales and marketing team takes a top-down approach to product placement and intelligent marketing that utilizes wide-ranging planning and training, a strong corporate sales force and a property-by-property analysis.

Costs are managed aggressively through our developed streamlined structure, strategic outsourcing partnerships and beneficial vendor pricing secured through vendor relationships by influencing our portfolio’s scale.

The bottom line is that we are absolutely infatuated with the hospitality industry. We are extremely passionate and eager to keep going and prudently growing.

Our Services and Expertise

  • Our Years of Combined Experience
  • Asset Management
  • Business and Investments Planning
  • Expert Advice and Consultation
  • Guest Service
  • Hotel Development and Property Improvement Planning
  • Hotel Management and Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Quality and Assurance
  • Revenue Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Hospitality Services
Creating the Experience Creating the Experience

Creating the Experience

You may have the very best structural building, rooms and guest-amenities, meeting facilities and food and beverage outlets, but it's really the quality of the experience that matters most to our guests.

Management’s Way of Life Management’s Way of Life

Management’s Way of Life

Execution of the guest experience begins when management’s guest service philosophy and values are mirrored through their front-line staff.